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Yoyoyo this is funny

but oh man this scene is so great because it SHOWS the audience SO MUCH about whats going on in his head in so few lines. Its a mush of:

  • "I thought only the strong survived so my life revolves around destroying others before they can destroy me. I dont know any other way to protect myself."
  • "I am helpless."
  • "I’ll trust you with my life" which almost isnt as big a deal as it should be cause:
  •  ”My own death is not important enough to even have my eyes open for.”

Its such a huge turning point for his character arc and sets up his whole attitude for the next season.  Ah…..Just…. really good writing….. 








leaked designs for the next 6 disney princesses

ugh I’m sorry buit this just ticks me off because I know this has to do with Anna from “Frozen” Looking like Rapunzel but omg seriously?

Ana doesn’t look THAT much liek Rapunzel! Like— damn!

Their eye shapes are different, Anna has a smaller nose, and it concaves inward more, her face is rounder, Rapunzel has more of a jaw! IF you have to compare exact mathamatical angles to see a difference then there is not enough difference. Cartoon characters especially should be recognizable instantly as a unique character. Another generic blond barbie is BAD DESIGN.

Yes— they do look similar, but so what? People look similar. NO THEY DONT. That’s just how things are! NOT UNLES THEY’RE SISTERS MAYBE?? WHAT But this is ridiculous. It just makes me mad that people are getting all up and frumpy about this. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I want to work for disney, but it just makes me mad. Im so sorry to burst your bubble but working for Disney is actually pretty sucky. They treat their employees so bad dude. 

okay I don’t usually reply to these sorts of posts but the whole “THEY’RE DIFFERENT REALLY” thing is exhausting so I’m for once gonna speak my mind on the matter.

It’s not about the fact that Anna has a “smaller nose and slightly rounder face and OH MY GOD BLUE EYES AND SLIGHTLY DARKER HAIR” it’s about the fact that Disney CAN but it DOESN’T.

What do I mean by this? Let’s take a look at the official Disney Princess lineup why don’t we.

There we see a total of 11 Princesses, 7 out of which are white (and front and center mind you) and 4 WOC. Disney CAN include more WOC in their movies, Ana could’ve been any ethnicity, any body type, any ANYTHING, but instead she’s a slightly modified version of Rapunzel. Disney CAN do it, but it doesn’t. 

Where’s a fat princess? Where’s a latina princess? And don’t even tell me that THIS ABOMINATION is supposed to be a representation of my community because I can’t even begin on THAT subject Where’s ANYTHING but another stereotypical white princess? When you have something as iconic as the Disney Princesses that all little kids grow up looking at, you must be careful and understand that representation is crucial. For example how come there’s 7 white princesses but only 1 black? Why can’t there be 2, or 3, or 7 for that matter? 

Or someone like Mulan, yeah she’s a Chinese princess, but what about the rest of east asians? Are they all supposed to identify with the Chinese princess?

It’s not about Anna looking slightly different than Rapunzel, it’s about misrepresentation. Women all over the world come in all sizes, shapes and colors, yet Disney princesses come in predominantly white colors and all the same shape and size. NOT TO MENTION THAT WOC Princesses usually get WAY less merchandise and representation than the white princesses, and the movies for the WOC princesses, all touch very controversial topics and perpetrate stereotypes about POC. So please, understand that it’s not “being anal” about Disney’s character design choices, it’s being really fucking done and tired about Disney’s character design choices.

What’s kinda interesting is if you think about it on the basest of terms, it’s kinda like people complaining that a popular artists only draws kawaii tiny anime girls and needs more variety.


No Its really not. Because an independant artist making stuff for funzies have way less responsibilty for their content than an entire company whos target audience is children, children who do pick up on these kinds of things and if they dont have blond hair and a cute figure they think they are worthless because they any thing else was must be so worthless they dont even deserve screentime.

She looks more like Astrid and Rapunzel got cloned, imo.

But here’s the thing… this story was written by Hans Christian Anderson. So  it is going to take place in a European setting. So yeah, she’s realistically going to be white. OH YEAH IN ALL OF HISTORY THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANYBODY OF ANY COLOR IN EUROPE EVEREUQVOLKVNOPSRMG ARE YOU SERIOUS??? They could make her different, like size/shape-wise… but when has Disney ever been one to make a statement about anything? They’re going to do what sells. BUT THEY DONT EVEN KNOW THAT SOMETHING ELSE WOULD NOT SELL. THEYVE NEVER TRIED.

For the art style, as Vella said, it’s pretty much an over-exaggerated issue of same face syndrome. Dean Winchester could also be considered a part of this. Rapunzel sold really fucking well. As someone that spends a lot of time with 7-years olds, I cannot tell you enough how much they love and adore Rapunzel for being cute and silly, having epic hair and loving art. So why NOT make another character that little girl looks at and are reminded of someone else they really really liked? BECAUSE WE CAN JUST GO HOME AND WATCH TANGLED AGAIN ON DVD

It’s a poor choice for them to make only a few tweeks here and there on a face… but Disney is not going to bend to a bunch of teenage girls and they’re not going to take a risk by making a statement. EXCUSE ME?? YEAH. HOW DARE THEY CONSIDER THE OPINIONS AND SOCIETAL PRESSURES OF THEIR TARGET AUDIENCE. They’re going to do what they have been doing for years because they do it well. Hell, in the old days, they used molds for a lot of faces and animations too. You can have the same argument with Robin Hood vs Todd (though that’s less of a diversity thing). It goes on. This is not a new development. If you want a statement that will get Oscars and Emmies and every award ever, you’re looking at the wrong studio. I… what? You basically just said “Its okay for them to not even try its not their fault its DISNEY”

^^^fucking thank you

well for some of it lol.

The entertainment industry is just that, and industry, a business, and they don’t owe you, as an individual, anything. So don’t act so entitled, HAHAHAHAhahahahahahahah Okay. If I said “Fuck disney because they didnt make a cute little readheaded lesbian with a mohawk, darker skin AND feckles who has super strength and punches people out” THAT would be entitled because thats just what I want for myself. But saying “Please can we have one princess that doesnt make 90% of the little girls in the world feel like they are only valued if they are pretty, or were born in an ugly body JUST because they dont look a cute thin blond white girl” I think thats kinda totally different. HUGE difference between being entitled and being conscious of the harmful values/messages you present. if you really want something that bad and are offended that a company is smart in targeting it’s market and it’s employees are therefore getting money to support themselves and their families, then by all means, go fucking do it yourself. Have fun. (Not to discourage any artists/aspiring animators out there who want to go change the world, that’s awesome. Go have those dreams and keep working for it, you’re the future of art and the sky is the limit for you for now so go big or go home.) 

You also have to realize that trying to have a target market that pleases everybody, is impossible and a terrible choice, Having the same one specific target market for a hundred years and ignoring that theres other people in the world with money that are not white is also a terrible choice. taking risks and doing stuff that doesn’t appeal to the most general populous or has a wide recognition is not going to be beneficial most of the time. Assuming that PoC or varied bodies wouldnt sell is a rational perpetuated by prejudice jerkwads and is not going to be beneficial EVER. Its just any easy scapegoat instead of admitting you made a badly written/designed/executed movie. Because fixing THOSE requires WORK to fix. Nobody ever blames a poorly selling movie on a pretty white protagonist.

Another point to bring up is that Disney is just starting to produce it’s own series of 3D films, Tangled and Frozen are not  Disney/Pixar, just Disney, and Disney by themselves are still adjusting their style to 3D, and are developing software and tools as they work on a project, which cuts into production time and costs so they aren’t going to be changing things up too much. They’re still figuring it out, innovation takes time, it’s not an overnight thing, they’re trying to incorporate their 2D style and feel into their 3D for now, but maybe one day they’ll change it up, who knows. Hahahahahahahahahahah I’ve only used Maya for a year and I KNOW HOW EASY IT IT TO MODEL A DIFFERENT LOOKING CHARACTER. IF THATS TRUE THEN SHAME ON YOU DISNEY, GO BACK TO SCHOOL. 

If you don’t enjoy Disney, for whatever reason, that’s fine, just don’t ruin the fun for the rest of us. We’re not stupid, we know about the importance of diversity and being strong people, but to me I feel like Disney was partially responsible for teaching me those things anyways as a kid and maybe even a little bit today. But if you can’t enjoy Disney for who they are and what they do and just being them, well whoopdee doo, princess, it’s not going to bother them in the slightest.

And don’t try and compare it to PIXAR, they’re still sort of their own strange little entity that I’m pretty sure is run by wizards. But you people complain about them too sometimes so whatever.

I will never, in my life, criticize, or be angry at a company in the entertainment industry for what they do, because I know how intensive it is, how exhausting it is, how thankless this job is, A. Only if you work for Disney and B. Are you kidding? People LOVE cartoons and are very VERY vocal about it. Especially online. How can making something that fuels an entire fandom for decades feel thankless??  I mean, just look at this post, look at everyone raging at Disney, look at everyone raging at other companies, without a second thought about the people just like them on the production end. The people whose job is to make something good and really should be getting MUCH harsher critiques IN THE WORKPLACE?? The people that work there aren’t being lazy, or sloppy, or trying to push some social agenda. Enev animators are just people with jobs. People can be sloppy and lazy at other jobs right? They’re just people, Oh then they are probably sloppy and lazy sometimes too. working for a company that is smart and successful at what it does. I will not always like everything a company makes, but I will never be mad at them for doing it, it would be hypocritical because of all that we preach about treating artists with respect and for being who they are, HAHAHahahahaha Wow. If they did that at Disney then there would be tons of DIFFERENT STYLE STUFF. and it would be unfair. It would also be pointless because they aren’t going to change because I was upset at them, so I wouldn’t waste my time when I could be proactive and go and change things on my own. What? You think one rogue animator can stand against the powerhouse that is disney? No, seriously, if enough people complain tho, it might give Disney the impression that they should make a different thing because more people will buy it. Complaining is a great way to enact change. You dont know what to fix if nobody ever complains.

This is the last I’m saying on this I promise

Okay, but if you will never in your life criticize or be angry at a company in entertainment, how will you get them to grow? Just because Disney “knows what it’s doing” and “knows what will sell”, then us POC have to sit back and just swallow hard? I find it unfair that white people get good representation in Disney films while POC do NOT, is all I’m saying. 

I’ll watch Frozen,and it might be great! I might love it and I might love Anna a lot, it still doesn’t change that she could’ve been different, she could’ve been THAT AWESOME Disney Princess that changed everything. You can love something a lot and STILL recognize that there are flaws and things that could have been better, IN THE ARTIST WORLD we all should know this very very well.

YET BASICALLY what you’re saying is that by criticizing a an art team that decided to go “safe” I’m being “entitled”. Yeah, how dare I want a proper representation of a POC?! PREPOSTEROUS. And about “taking risks” if Disney does it, it will sell and let’s not act like it won’t. Maybe I’m just mad that in this day and age making a lead character a POC or a person of different body size or a disabled person or WHAT HAVE YOU, is considered “taking a risk”, or maybe I’m just mad that Disney still hasn’t given me a Latina princess. At the end of the day, if nobody complains and we all just sit back and accept everything thrown at us, nothing’s gonna change.

There was so much I needed to say that I just couldnt keep track and just inserted it where it was relevant. THE BOLDS ARE MY ADDED COMMENTS okay

Thanks for making/commenting on this post Oscar(Oskar? Shit) Milkydayy. Discussions like these are important, I think. Good job saying good things~
I wanna see frozen too! Maybe it will be suprisingly good, maybe it will be exactly what it looks like so far(Tangled 2) but either way, man, I’m going to analyze every single thing about it and its sales and its good qualities and flaws and audience opinions and expectations.


The Steven Universe pilot is online!

Here is a very old promo poster I did before the pilot was even complete!

I can not believe how much the show has grown and changed since this pilot; the show will look amazing, the people I am working with are amazing, wait up for the series you guys it’s gonna be something else!!! 

Pssssssst Rebecca Sugar is one of my new heros! She cowrote/storyboarded a bunch of amazing Adventure Time episodes It Came From the Nightosphere, Jake the Dog, and I Remember You, just to name a few of my favorites. ((Also apparently shes the first woman to ever get her own show on Cartoon Network?? Which surprises me only because WOW its 2013. What the hell CN.))

The pilot for Steven Universe is amazing and adorable~ Please watch and support it~ I hope that this show ends up being really spectacularly successful!  I cant even words for all the things that are wonderful about it~ <3





Perhaps the shoulder should be a bit higher…. hmmm but that made her so topheavy when I was going for a pear bodytype (which failed I think)… and lowering the head seemed to make her elbows splay out unaturally…. I did fight with it a bit but I think its passable. I probably should have realistically brought her belly down in front of her boobs ((the space between her ribs and pelvis is way further off than the neck)) but I claim porn rights on that exaggeration. Its not an extremely unreasonable distance for her neck, if a bit of a stretch.

There is some visual dissonance just because the head and shoulders are stationary.  They should be wiggling a bit in response to the movement showed in the lower rib cage. Plus tons of other little things that suck and I could polish….

But man fuck that noise. Animating tight details like that is stupid hard for little effect. I already put way more effort into this sweet waggling booty than I planned. For a shitty nsfw fanart gif, I think its pretty bomb. 






My baby!

My big, sweaty baby <3

No op you are not alone. *touches your face and shooshes* you are not alone.

He’s such a wonderful character with some SERIOUS depth! One of the saddest characters to me ever. Can you imagine his reaction when he first found out about Darkleer, considering he’s living to try and redeem his bloodline? : (

Heheh, I’m not going to pretend Eqs fetishes arent a MAJOR reason I love him. But they are a major reason because he’s a great character AND just happens to have them. 
He’s easily the kindest of all the trolls. Genuinely kind, without expecting anything in return. I love how much time he dedicates to being able to create things, when he’s so naturally built to destroy. I love his social awkwardness and how he seems to be the most stigmatized and excluded because of how he sticks to the caste system. I love his self destructive behaviors and internal conflict between what he’s been taught, what is expected of him, and what he thinks is right.
And his relationship with Nepeta speaks volumes for itself. 

Equius is an great person. BUT he is ALSO incredibly deviantly sexual. And theres nothing wrong with being BOTH. 

And thats why he is my favorite~ (Dirk is the same, but more charismatic, thus more easily accepted.)

…I really hope he has a decent part in the remainder of Homestuck. Seriously.



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Kaldur in a pinstripe suit is a thing that makes me a VERY happy woman <3 

Oh hello~ Kaldur was my favorite character in Young Justice. Somebody should totally make a gif set of him being a tank.
Punched in the face by superboy? What a nice hello. 
Impaled with poisoned arrows? Rips them all out with a slight grunt.
Is a fish boy, left to dry in the desert sun for over 24 hours? LIVES. 

He’s so under played in the BAMF department.
Just because he’s kind and respectful and thoughtful and has a sexy softspoken voice, doesnt mean he can’t be a BAMF. It makes him even more of one~

I’m excited to see where the series takes him not that he’s working for the bad guy. I dont buy it. It’d be awesome if he was just working the inside. AND M’GANN GOES ROGUE AND IS THE BEST VILLIAN EVER.
Also Impulse is awesome.
[/end rant] 



All right, I have received permission to post these pictures.  Thanks to the person at Anime North who sent me these.

This was the booth in question.  As you can see they were selling ugly, poorly made HS bootleg items, plus lots of others (Adventure Time, etc).

Let me be really clear here: I don’t like it when people sell their fanart prints or handmade fan items, but I can understand.  This, however, is an act of pure scumbaggery.

This is apparently the “company” selling these items.  I urge everyone out there not to buy from them at any convention they may attend, and to ask others to do the same.  Don’t support thieves.  

oh god im gonna barf

not only are they outright stealing shit

its so

look at this fucking banner look at it someone at this company decided this looked good enough to put on the front page of their website

if you dont know what an aspect ratio even is you should not be making banners STOP


can you sue them and then sue them again for just for like, being awful

like no other reason just a lawsuit entitled “you’re really bad at this”

Uuuuugh, whyyyyy….. I’m always really weary about buying anything with poor print quality at conventions. It seems like stuff like this happens a lot. Especially with DVDs and Wallscrolls.

I mean, I’d love some more homestuck paraphanelia as much as the next fan.

But buy it from the official sites and support the creator, or make it for yourself. It’s more special those ways anyway~ haha.

I very strongly believe people should get their financial benefits for their creative work. Thats very hard to enforce.

Thats why I do all these giveaways when I have homestuck stuff I’ve made and dont want. I dont sell it.

I do make exception for when I get commisioned to draw Homestuck character — because in that case I think of it that they’re paying for my shitty technical skills to create their desired image. And I dont think the occasional 10/20$ is a huge deal, heh. But I make sure its a one-off payment and release the image to the internet immediately after. None of that changes the fact that it is still infringement.

But I dont think I could ever sell prints of fanart in good conscience. I dont like the idea of being able to mass produce a profit off someone elses ideas. 

And shit like this…..

Well…. I think the lovely ladies above said everything, better, and way more entertaining than I could~ heheh~


GA: While Everyone From Nepeta To Karkat Have Their Own Special Ways About Them I Quite Enjoy
GA: I Would Have To Be Honest And Say
GA: I Have The Most Fun With Miss Bossyfangs Herself
GA: Mostly Because Of How She Acts
GA: She Just Gets So Delightfully Embarrassed When She Cannot Hide How Much She’s Enjoying Herself Anymore
GA: Despite Her Claims To The Contrary

GA: Especially That Moment When She Completely Lets Go And Just
GA: Begs

GA: And Then I Have To Teach Her It Is Polite To Say Please When We Are Asking For Something
GA: But I Really Think She Does It On Purpose

Hah, yesss, hot~

I just wanna state for the record that Vriska totally strikes me as a brat sub. A lot of people take her as being really domineering but I really dont think she is.

Aggressive? Yes. Abrasive? Yes. Stubborn? Yes.

But dominance takes a certain emotional stability that she just doesnt have. ((But makes her a captivating sub))

She really was (in her own messed up way) trying to make Tavros stonger. Because she’d be damned having feelings for someone so pathetic. She does not delight in weakness or submission. She genuinely abhors the very idea of it. Its a turn off.

She’s always in awe when someone finally puts her in her place. ((Like Kanayas whomp to the face)) Thats what she wants. Shes a blood knight. Vriska neeeeeds someone stronger than her to fight against. Because once she’s the best… she no longer as any goal, no purpose. It frustrates her.

Alright, end rant.

Sub Vriska makes me happy in my pants okay? And its like finding a unicorn~ The picture is hot. Just… Look at it xD


Confession: “A few years ago my mom and sister asked me what I wanted to do with my YYH manga and I told them that we could give them away. They seemed so relieved that I was “over this phase” of my life, but the reality of it is that YYH shaped who I am today and the only reason I gave them away was so that someone else’s life could also be shaped. As soon as I’m done with university, I fully plan to re-buy all of the manga and hopefully the anime as well.”

Sub: Anon

Ending my YYH binge for tonight of this lovely confession~

I detest the whole “Oh that cartoon obsession was a phase” thing. I don’t think people really give stories the credit they deserve for how really important they are in so many peoples lives. Whatever it is you love. It’s not just “entertainment.” 

Its an entire lifetime that your learning from.

A popular series can shape the mindset of an entire generation.

I hate parents who feed their children any crappy cartoon/comic/book without giving any thought to what it might be teaching them. Like they expect it to be crappy because “its just for kids.”

Parents dont expect their baby food to be shit because “its just for kids.” Theres incredibly high standards for childrens food intake! Why would you let their brains eat crap then?


so i was talking with a friend and i realized there are a lot of people more knowledgeable about queer life on tumblr than i am and maybe i could ask for help? i would like to know… do you think there is any possibility that i could find a lover (argh i dont like that word) someday who would be…

Um, Hi Gutty! o///o This wasnt really the way I was planning on initiating contact with a fellow artist who I’ve been not so secretly stalking and admiring from afar and trying to figure out how to talk to…… (I get nervous sometimes, haha)

But I feel like I can relate a lot to what youre going through and these are very important topics to me so….. now is as good a time as any right?

Apologies in advance if I say accidentally anything arrogant/judgemental. I’m still learning myself. And as always (anybody!) feel free to tell me if I’m wrong and how. xD


To the topics at hand~

I have heard of couples that are okay with a strict no touching policy on one/both ends. I don’t think thats a particularly strange thing really. And when it comes to doing this, as long as its done in a mutual, loving, and very emotionally healthy way I am totally okay with it.

Not wanting someone to touch you because you feel like you dont deserve it, because you think you’re unattractive, because you hate your body…… all of this is about as far away from emotionally healthy as you can get. I can not condone that.

I am not saying you’re “wrong” for feeling like this. Everybody does at some point. But it’s your job to learn and grow and love yourself, regardless of whether or not theres a romantic interest in your life. How can anybody really love you if even you don’t think theres any reason for them to?

Those people who love someone else without loving themselves become dependant on that other person for judging their own worth. Their insecurities fester and they take it out on eachother or they use one another as an emotional band-aid or crutch, only looking at half their personality. But unlike physical wounds, emotional wounds need to be picked apart in order to heal. Like a puss filled sore! Wait, gross analogy, moving on

I gotta say, being trans has NOTHING to do with how desirable you are! NOTHING! I’m a man with a vagina as well! I thought I was a pretty ugly sack of shit all through middle/high school. This is normal. It wasnt until I stopped listening to my fears and just started hitting on whoever the fuck I wanted instead of convincing myself they werent interested before I knew them. And I am pleasantly suprises 99% of the time! Guaranteeing failure in leau of risking failure is the stupidest thing ever. I was guilty of that for a long time. But I’ve learned that assuming what people don’t like is just as rude as telling them what they have to like. And I think you’re pretty darn cute Gutty :D

Every trans gets tired of fighting. Its like trying to put together a puzzle that you dont have all the pieces to. For example…… is a boy acted like a kawaii asian girl, would that make him trans? Not necesarily. He could just like cute sugoii things while identifying as a male. So I ask you this:

How do you define what it means to be a man?

How do you live up to that?

In what ways do you fail and need to improve?

These are just for you to think about. I don’t need a literal response, haha. Admitting you are unhappy with something is the first step to changing it. Live life like you draw. Notice your mistakes, dont obsess over them, and strive to make the next work better with what you learned. I know your family life was tough, but thats never an excuse for anything. Most of the most beautiful people Ive ever met come from hard homes. It just means you have a responsibility to break the cycle of self-sabotage. You’ve gotta be strong c: Even if it takes you 20 years to get to where you wanna be, thats better than most people do! Just never give up!

Moving this over here so I dont clutter the askblog~ hehe.

I think fantrolls are great! xD Its really fun to create a character and I’ve never done this but going around and RPing them sounds hilarious hehe~

I drew my own fantroll at some point~ Its sitting in a sketchbook somewhere…

That being said I greatly prefer drawing canon characters to fantrolls~ To me, it adds so much more involvement to the work, because its not just this one character in this one instance. When you see a fanart of Karkat it envokes every memory you have of him and every thing he’s done in the story. You know he’s an angry guy with a lot of self-resent issues, you’ve seen him work out a leader persona and act stupid and responsibly, you’ve seen him react and aggrieve and fall in love/hate. That doesn’t need to be told again in the image for you to know it. Fan works allow people to feed off of this collective idea of a character that has already been defined.

Fantrolls have not.

When you see a drawing of a fan troll you have nothing to relate it to and no immediate emotional attachment. ((Unless its your own or your good friends)) You’re essentially starting from scratch.

I post stuff on the internet cause I like sharing ideas with people uwu Fanart lets me have a common base. Its really hard to get original stuff out there because it takes an insane amount of time to define ideas/characters. I think this is why theres this misconception of a “Fanart Trap” where thats all you ever make. Really the thing is its hard for people to get interested in stuff they know nothing about. I still make original stuff pretty often but I dont bother posting it because I know its not all that compelling in bits xD haha~

But all the stuff that is original is whats making my grades and getting me a career. Then one day I’ll be part of telling that story that people use as a base to share their stuff~

OOOPS giant rant. xD Haha~